Saturday 11 January 2020

10:00 - 18:00

Moseley Exchange, 149-153 Alcester Road, Moseley, B13 8JP (Birmingham, UK)

You only need to cover your expenses.

More To Life Weekend, Mastery/Practice of Processing, Team experience

For more information or to ask questions, call Judi - 020 7431 0922, or email

Sophie Sabbage, More To Life Senior Trainer

Sophie says about the day,

‘For some time the UK leaders and trainers have been creating a clearer leadership pathway for our students, who have been asking for this for some time. Back in the day, students needed to apply for leadership roles (like Training Supervisors / Team Leaders) because it was such a powerful leadership training that we had a waiting list. They developed leadership muscles for their service while creating life-changing experiences for other human beings. Self, others, context in a dance of mutual empowerment and growth. We didn’t see ourselves as volunteers, but as spiritual warriors participating in a spiritual gymnasium of awakening. I know some of this is still present, but it is less potent than before.

We want to relaunch this gymnasium on the Leadership Day January 11th, which is being funded by the UK Board and supported by Bill Thatcher, MD. You only need to cover your expenses. Led by me, the day will:

  • Be a leadership learning experience in which you will identify your strengths and edges;
  • Engage you in exciting strategies and projects for the program, including how they can source the UK;
  • Explore leadership opportunities and roles through which we can mutually grow;
  • Share the leadership path you could follow if you so choose.

Obviously, you will make your own choices to come forward or not. My hope and vision is to have team leaders in place for all the courses we are offering in 2020, even assistant team leaders in some cases. Or you may be interested in joining or leading a team that will implement new projects like the marketing initiatives and website platform being sourced by David Levine (International Entrepreneur). There are lots of options, lots of choices and no requirements. And imagine aligning the skills you want to gain for work or to embark on a new career with MTL developing and having 2020 leadership lined up in January for the whole year! All of which will be supported by focused leadership development, including a new leadership focus course being offered in July. All active leaders will receive a discount for this. There will be more.

Our invitation is to explore this possibility for your life and our programme on January 11th. Let’s discover what life is calling you to lead and what we might co-create together.

Sophie Sabbage and the MTL, UK Directors


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