Personal Authority vs Willful Power – Is it a Stand or a Wall?

Workshop with Senior Trainer Warren Kahn

Is it a Stand or a Wall?

We are living in a new reality.

Covid, Global warming, Black Lives Matter, just to name a few forces at work have given human beings a long list of challenges, socially, personally, economically, health-wise, and more.

Whether your issue is around boundaries, personal discipline, truthfulness, commitments, follow-through, relationships, parenting, causes, or ethics, the energy with how we bring our choices to life has significant impact on both our effectiveness and the results that get created.

  • Is how I am asserting my point of view Separating or Connecting?
  • Does it encourage resistance and push back or partnership and agreement?

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How we bring our authority and personal power to life can deliver us to new creative possibilities and connection or . . . deliver us to a power struggle with life and others that creates more struggle, frustration and separation.

The need for winners and losers, Us and them, I’m right so you must be wrong and so on.

These dynamics are all on display for us to see but it is trickier to see ourselves and how we are playing.

Am I taking a stand for what is really true or putting up a wall against others and life itself?

What if we learned how to embody our personal authority in ways that align with reality, partners with others, and creates a way for us to bring our best to life?

Join us to explore Personal Authority vs. Willful Power and attune yourself to bringing your best to life.

I hope you’ll join us.
Warren Kahn | Senior Trainer, More To Life Foundation

Date | Thursday 28 October 2021

Time | 7:00 - 10:00pm BST (British Summer Time)

Location | Zoom – Online

Cost | £45

Prerequisites | You have taken More To Life Weekend, The Launchpad or Heart of the Matter

Contact | Rosanna Clements, or email|

Trainer | Warren Kahn | More To Life Senior Trainer


  • "Warren was so eloquent and his arrows of wisdom went straight to the core! It was powerful and extremely valuable. Warren brings his gentle authority forward so effortlessly and takes us on a deep yet simple journey. I am very glad I was part of it." - Tal
  • "This workshop with Warren was wonderful, eye-opening, space moving. I got what I came for and I'm buzzing!" - Liz



Led by MTL Senior Trainers, this year More To Life has a unique opportunity for us to re-discover our relationship with the different aspects of our SELF, in a bi-monthly workshop series, .

These workshops are 3-hours long, and centre around themes from More To Life Focus Courses.

Prerequisite: Completion of More To Life Weekend, The Launchpad, or Heart of the Matter

Provisional Topics in 2021:

  • Our Physical Self
  • Our Spiritual Self
  • Our Creative Self
  • Our Living Self
  • Our Financial Self

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