Courage and Vulnerability | Life Talk with Judith Kotze

It is winter, cold and wet and a huge challenge daily just to stay present in South Africa, as the COVID 19 pandemic is rapidly spreading and causing enormous suffering and disruptions, the likes of which we have not experienced ever before.

Reflecting on boundaries, I discovered how much courage and vulnerability is called for as we navigate our lived realities within so much change, challenges and limits.

What is in store for you?

Senior MTL Trainer Judith Kotze, explores with you, how awake are you to the presence of a vulnerability in your context with self, others and Life, what you take with you moving forward with these vulnerabilities;

Putting boundaries in place takes courage to maintain as well as the need to allow oneself to be vulnerable if one is letting go of some boundaries that are not needed anymore.

I look forward to sharing and experiencing with you, as we engaging our vulnerability, our rite of passage into the new normal. Finding the courage together to make sense of what is mine/ours to learn, to bring, to suffer, to celebrate, to survive and to trust in right where we are now.

Judith Kotze | Senior More To Life Trainer

Tuesday 18 August 2020

7:00 - 10:00pm BST (British Summer Time)


£18 - £25 (see Eventbrite registration)
£40 Combo ticket with "Authority vs. Power" on 22 Sep, 2020


Judi - 020 7431 0922, or email

Judith Kotze | More To Life Senior Trainer


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