What is Mastery Plus?
A course created by Ann McMaster; delivered by UK trainers...

For whom is this course intended?
This course is for students who practice the processes regularly. You will have attended Mastery and/or an enrichment group.

7 sessions  | Mondays 04 October to 15 November 2021

Times | 7:00-9:30pm UK Local Time (Clocks change 31 October)

Fee | £85 | Early Discount £70 – register by 17 September (Now closed)

Course Trainers | Associate MTL Trainer Andrea Constantine

Eligibility | For students who practice the processes regularly. You will have attended Mastery and/or an enrichment group.

What you get from attending:

  • You increase your processing skills as a facilitator of the MTL work
  • You get to work on growth edges and the results you want to create in your life
  • Through working in a small group you receive data-based feedback and action-oriented support
  • You deepen your processing and embed the MTL work into your daily life
  • Your work is enhanced by the skill and expertise created by our global senior trainer, Ann McMaster and delivered by our UK Trainers

The course will cover the 5 processes you learn over the MTLW and support your understanding of growth edge work. You will work in triads where you will experience being processed, facilitating, receiving and giving feedback.

Spaces are limited to 30. Contact Jacki Robertson for Expressions of Interest 


This Course series gives More To Life Weekend participants an opportunity to review all the processes of the course in an upholding and supportive environment, with the help of experienced teachers and your fellow students beside you.

It covers the Authority, Disavowal/Avowal, Clarity, Cost and I am (Mirror) Processes and further enables you to apply these to the events of your life. You will find they help you bring the best of yourself forward in all the meetings and encounters of your life, and in real time. Additionally the final session will provide the opportunity for you to be taught a powerful tool for deepening your intention around a specific goal, the Empowerment Conversation.

Other Course Dates:

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    4 Oct
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