6 Week Monday/Tuesday Series
11th February  to 18th March

It is accessible worlwide
11am - 2pm San Francisco USA
1pm - 4pm Houston USA
2pn - 5pm New York & Atlanta USA
7pm - 10pm England - UK
8pm - 11pm Brussels - Belgium
9pm - 12am Jo'berg South Africa
Tuesday 8am - 11am Christchurch - New Zealand
Tuesday 6am - 9am Sydney Australia

Complimentary Practice Series
Often, for students who have completed the Power of Purpose course, we provide a complimentary six-week online or in-person series which gives you the opportunity to practice the tools learned during the course with the support of fellow students and a facilitator. These sessions are not always offered, but if there are, dates and times will be announced on the last evening of your course.

Cancellation Policy
You may request a full refund (including the deposit), if you cancel your booking within seven days of registering, with the exception of the week of the course itself. After this time we will retain the deposit of 20% and transfer your registration to the next available course.

Issy Crocker

For more information
Contact Issy at +44 (0) 7832 288 439


We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them!

Did you start this year with great intentions and plans (again) but have found that your time is taken up with other 'things'?

Maybe you are frustrated with your progress or are procrastinating on taking action on the things that matter most to you?

Or perhaps you are at a crossroads in your life, seeking something different, and wondering what next?

The Power of Purpose is one of the most innovative personal effectiveness programs ever developed. Unlike conventional goal-setting or time-management courses, it offers a unique experiential learning process that allows you to grasp the underlying purposes that limit or enhance your ability to get things done throughout your personal and professional life.

The Power of Purpose course teaches you how to notice what actually happens when you set out to achieve your chosen goals, and examines  what gets in your way. More To Life provides a series of practical, reality-based tools to help you envision, plan, and achieve the results that you wish to create in your personal and professional lives.

Together we work to:

  • Uncover and let go of the – often unconscious – attitudes and behaviours that may be holding you back
  • Find out what is actually happening inside you when you set out to achieve your goals, and you uncover the hidden agendas that stop you from achieving all you seek to create.
  • Define and express your own deepest life purposes, and bring these to bear on ordinary everyday tasks.
  • Learn how to use purpose rather than pressure to motivate yourself and how to achieve results without stress
  • Discover how to overturn the procrastination habit so you can stay focused, whatever the distractions and difficulties
  • Uncover your life purpose which will direct and inspire all of your efforts so you can live a life fulfilled
  • Explore and clarify your key priorities and understand how to progress them
  • Grasp of what lies behind your power to create, envision, and achieve results that transforms your productivity and galvanizes your ability to generate the results you want.

Be More Focused
People on purpose are people who are focusing on specific, concrete results. They know how to connect these results with a vision that empowers them to maintain their focus over time.

Be More Aware
People on purpose are aware of their inner motives, as well as their resistances and their limitations, and they know how to include this awareness in their response to new situations.

Be Adaptable
People on purpose are not inflexible or rigid, nor do they rely on formulas to deal with unexpected or unwanted developments.

Be Creative
People on purpose turn problems into opportunities. They do not get caught up in anxiety and stress, but generate creative answers in response to the actual conditions they are dealing with.

Be Motivated
People on purpose enjoy what they do. Their work is a source of satisfaction, and as a result they manifest a powerful determination that nourishes their lives, and inspires everyone they meet.

The Power of Purpose shows you how results are actually created and gives you the power to get on purpose, and stay on purpose, every day of your life

This course is a CPD-accredited course (Continuing Professional Development), and can count towards your ongoing credits.

The Power of Purpose course is taught by More To Life Licensed Facilitators, who are individuals who have been instructed and qualified by our trainer body to lead small-format, topic-based courses such as this one. Our Licensed Facilitators have been granted a license by the More To Life Foundation to teach these courses privately, as well as through colleges, schools, governmental agencies, and in partnership with other non-profit organisations around the world.

The pricing of this course varies.  Please contact the More To Life Licensed Facilitator directly for details.



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