Course Times
Sun 17 Feb 2019: 10:00 - 18:30
Sun 24 Feb 2019: 10:00 - 18:30

Full Fee £75 for both days. or £37.50 for each session

Contact Details
For more information, please contact Judi at the More To Life Centre | 020 7431 0922

Course Leader
Jacki Robertson & Adam Stern


This Course series gives More To Life Weekend participants an opportunity to review all the processes of the course in an upholding and supportive environment, with the help of experienced teachers and your fellow students beside you.

It covers the Authority, Disavowal/Avowal, Clarity, Cost and I am (Mirror) Processes and further enables you to apply these to the events of your life. You will find they help you bring the best of yourself forward in all the meetings and encounters of your life, and in real time. Additionally the final session will provide the opportunity for you to be taught a powerful tool for deepening your intention around a specific goal, the Empowerment Conversation.

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