Open to:
More To Life students and people who have not yet taken the More To Life Weekend.

Start/End Time
Registration: From 9:45 am
Sat 12 January: 10 am - 6 pm


De Markten
5 Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains
1000 Bruxelles

€79 in advance

Alyson Morley

The course will be held in English, with Dutch and French language support if required. (If you are interested in having this day in Dutch or French, please get in touch.)


Alyson Morley +44(0)7889 389308 /


Sofie De Bruecker +32(0)473 630 717 /

Price includes coffee, tea, water and some light snacks. There are several lunch facilities in the area, including De Markten Café in the building.



You don’t have to know the future to see where you want to go

You may be familiar with making resolutions to create results you don’t really believe in.

What is often missing is a way to see what you really want in your heart of hearts. A way of getting hold of what is really important for you to create at this particular time in your life.

Getting in touch with our inner vision feels exciting and risky, and takes us to places that are often quite unexpected.

If you are ready to explore your future with an open mind, we can help you with a workshop that lets you explore the events of the past year, decide what really needs to change, then discern the future path that is emerging for you.

Using inner reflection and creative exercises, you will explore what is next for you, and envision how you will be with the new opportunities that life will bring you in the coming year.

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