Being a parent or working with children.
This course is open to people who have taken the MTL Weekend and/or Launchpad - and we are keen to have students who are Licensed Facilitators and who want to teach. If you are not using the MTL practices regularly and want to take the course, you will need to discuss your participation with the *Centre Manager before registering.

Course Dates
4 Fridays:
17, 24, 31 July, 7 August 2020

Course Times
18:00 - 21:30

Online, UK Times

Training Room
20 participants

£229 | Deposit £115 (returnable if cancelled within 7 days of registering)

Ann McMaster

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Licensed Facilitator-led Intermediate Access Course | For experienced Licensed Facilitators

The Power of Proactive Parenting is open to anyone who works with, mentors, parents, or anticipates children. It is taught by Licensed Facilitators of the More To Life Program, over a period of 4 three-hour sessions (12 hours total), either over a weekend or in weekly sessions.

Parenting can be the most rewarding and the most challenging of our lives. The techniques offered in this unique approach will change the way we relate to children as well as to ourselves. In fact, this course is really about US, as parents, teachers, carers.

There are “types” of parenting. There are some parts of parenting at which we excel, then there are those other parts with which we struggle. Learning to recognize our strengths and challenges will increase our ability to enhance our strengths and to grow those areas that are not native to us.

The course is designed to notice and discern the unconscious demands we place on children, demands that have their roots in our own childhood. This enables us to see children more clearly, without the filters of our past or our future projections/dreams about our children.

Successful parenting is a process of mutuality, ever-evolving the reality of us as parents and of children as they mature to independence. For instance, by the time we learn how to communicate effectively, they grow past that stage, and we start all over again. We will learn to engage in this maturation process using communication appropriate to their developmental needs.

Empowering children is one of our most important roles as a human being. They will carry us into our own future.

Other Course Dates:

  • The Power of Proactive Parenting Online

    17 Jul
    ONLINE | for experienced students of MTL

    Hosted via Zoom
    United Kingdom